More Than A Field Trip

Our conservation education program provides a pathway that ensures participating students will connect to nature, become watershed and wetland literate, recognize nature's relevance, become conservation confident and skilled, and take action on behalf of the environment.

If you're passionate about teaching environmental literacy and fostering conservation and stewardship behaviors with your students, we encourage you to partner with us.

Follow these 5 easy steps:

Step 1 Ready to visit San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve? Explore our field trips.

Step 2 Reserve your field trip spot.

Step 3 Introduce your students to their watershed with the Watershed Literacy Guide.

Step 4 Prepare for your outdoor nature connection with the following Teacher Guides.

 Step 5 Students take action on behalf of the environment by developing conservation projects and showcase their work at community events.

Come discover the lagoon                                                                                                              Students participate in a Cardiff State Beach cleanup