Common Littleneck

Animal Guide : Crustaceans and Marine Molluscs

Common Littleneck
Fun Fact:
Clams are bivalves—which is a fancy way of saying that it has two shells.

What's for Lunch:
Particles of organic matter, algae, and bacteria

Where's Home:
Shallow lagoon waters

Scientific Name:
Protothaca stamina

Animal Guide : Crustaceans and Marine Molluscs


A bivalve is a double-shelled mollusc. The word "valve" comes from the Latin word for folding door. So "bivalve" means, essentially, double door. As a bivalve's body adds minerals to its shell, the two "doors" grow outward from the hinge. Identify this bivalve by its round shape, deep grooves, and the irregular pattern of fine brown lines on its cream-colored shell.