Western Pygmy Blue

Animal Guide : Insects and Spiders

Western Pygmy Blue
Fun Fact:
The Pigmy Blue is the smallest butterfly in North America, and one of the smallest in the world.

What's for Lunch:
Pigweed and saltbush for the caterpillars; flower nectar for the adults

Where's Home:
Throughout the reserve's wetlands, year-round

Scientific Name:
Brephidium exilis

Animal Guide : Insects and Spiders

Even though it’s a common butterfly, the Pygmy Blue is hard to spot because it's so tiny—about the size of a man's pinky nail. And confusingly, it's not very blue (Blues are just a type of butterfly.) Look for its rounded, fringed gray, brown, and copper wings, hovering or perching in the saltbush. The hind wings have a row of metallic dots along the edge.