Biomimicry Nature Tour

Honeycomb structure inspires technological advances

How do we mimic nature's time-tested patterns and strategies?

Join a tour designed to inspire you to think inside nature's secrets. Jacques Chirazi with Biomimicry San Diego will lead our nature walk with hands-on activities that include: a Scavenger Hunt that incorporates patterns used by nearly all species to survive and thrive. Seeing Nature is a blindfold exercise to enhance our hearing, smelling and touching senses, and Nature Drawing helps to illustrate our observations. 

Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. 

Biomimicry San Diego guides are experts in the natural sciences and have the ability to engage participants with their knowledge of biology, geology and history. During the tour you can learn about the environmental impact of human actions as guides foster an appreciation of the natural habitats at San Elijo Lagoon.



  • Saturday, June 24: 10 am-12 pm
  • Members $5 | Public $10
  • Confirmations will be emailed to registered participants
  • Guest Expert: Jacques Edouard Chirazi, Certified Biomimicry Professional, Biomimicry San Diego