A Cardiff resident since 1996, and a docent since 2006, Scott Griffiths leads the third Saturday walks at the Nature Center, and is currently serving as Vice President on the Conservancy’s board of directors.

“I am very pleased to be part of this organization, and am honored to serve with Denise Stillinger who has been involved in protecting the lagoon for so many years,” said Scott. “I also have great respect for Barbara Moore and Susan Welker, who cared about the lagoon long before the Conservancy even existed, and have always been willing to share their knowledge with others,” added Scott.

Scott grew up in Redlands, California, and was initially “turned on” to the natural world by a college buddy at UC Riverside. “During our weekend hiking adventures in the San Bernardino Mountains, this friend would weave stories about the flora and fauna, and it really made an impression on me,” reminisces Scott. After college, Scott was determined to build upon his own knowledge of the natural world and decided that becoming a “birder” was a good way to start. “I guess if there is a moral to the story,” reflects Scott, ”it’s that one person or experience can change your path in life.”

Fast forward 30 years, and Scott is now weaving his own stories on the trails at San Elijo Lagoon and sharing his love of nature with visitors to the reserve. After leading walks for nearly two years, Scott notes that although you never know what to expect, adhering to the following rules almost always guarantees a successful hike:

  • Rule #1—Do not share everything you know, as tempting as it might be.
  • Rule #2—Listen. Often, folks are there to share their knowledge as much as they are to learn from you.
  • Rule #3—Never contradict walk participants.
  • Rule #4—Accept corrections from young children with grace.

Thank you, Scott, for your service to the Conservancy. There are surely more nature lovers out there because of you.



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  American Wigeon (Photo: C. Mayne)