Docent In The Spotlight Fall 2015

Sally measures her wingspan during a school program.


Sally Stoffel lived in Solana Beach near San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve for almost three decades before moving a few years ago. She hiked through the lagoon with her two children, treasuring the experience of communing with nature and enjoying the remarkable natural wonders of the watershed. It wasn’t until a developer planned to build houses in Holmwood Canyon almost three decades ago that Sally became involved in the preservation of this wondrous area. In those days, it was clear that it would take serious effort to save the watershed. Along with other dedicated community members, Sally worked for the incorporation of Solana Beach, an important step to local control around the lagoon.

Sally continued her love of the outdoors, and especially San Elijo Lagoon, by becoming a docent three years ago. “I truly love the experience…especially watching the wonder of the kids who are spellbound by the birds, the jumping fish, the Argiope spiders and other insects and animals,” explains Sally. She feels it is an honor to be involved with the lagoon staff and docents, who are dedicated to nature and love to share their knowledge and passion with grade school children. With the inquisitive mind of a scientist, Sally enjoys exploring and discovering the mysteries of the reserve as much as the students do, and thereby keeps them engaged and learning. In her free time, Sally enjoys traveling with her husband Al to places far afield, like the Galapagos Islands and Croatia, and spending time with her three- and five-year-old grandsons who live in the Bay Area. Thank you, Sally, for passing your love of nature to the next generation—we appreciate the many years you have dedicated to protecting the reserve!