Docents in the Spotlight Summer 2014

Norma and Steve Chodos


To be nearer their children and grandchildren, Norma and Steve Chodos moved from Brentwood,
 near Los Angeles, to Solana Beach in 2010. Their home overlooks San Elijo Lagoon near Santa Carina trailhead.

They were
 curious to learn more about what was 
happening in their “backyard.” Norma, 
a retired English teacher, and Steve, a 
retired physicist, admit they knew little
 about the outdoors prior to becoming 

“We’ve made a lot of progress 
in four years,” notes Norma. “Now Steve
 and I keep a pair of binoculars at our
 kitchen table and we can easily identify many of the plants and birds in the lagoon.” Norma adds “If something is meaningful to you, it makes it much easier to learn, and Steve and I really enjoy knowing what is all around us.”

Avid runners, Steve and Norma run in the lagoon regularly and have completed multiple marathons; they continue to clock upwards of 30 miles per week. “Running is so good for the body and mind,” notes Norma. “Your problems fade away, and you can come up with some really fantastic ideas. It helped me a lot when I was teaching.”

Rarely apart, Norma and Steve tend to take up each other’s interests, whether they are running, skiing, or leading walks for school kids in the lagoon. They do part ways on occasion when Steve volunteers with the Encinitas Division of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, while Norma volunteers with North Coast Hospice Retail Shop. They are seasoned travelers and have visited every continent except Antarctica. An inspiring, active, and kind couple, the conservancy is fortunate that Steve and Norma are our dedicated neighbors and docent volunteers.