San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy protects lands.

One of the simplest tools is acquiring land in fee title through a donation, bargain sale, or outright purchase.

Fee-title properties owned by SELC

"Fee title" (also sometimes called "fee simple") is a real estate term that means the type of ownership giving the owner the maximum interest in the land, entitling the owner to use the property in any manner consistent with federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. For example, most homeowners own their land in fee title. SELC owns the Ford Wildlife Habitat Preserve, SELC Wildlife Habitat Preserve, and SELF Parcels in fee title.

Fee title ownership allows SELC to have direct control over the land. As such, we may decide to restore portions of the land in keeping with our mission. The restoration of the Ford Wildlife Habitat Preserve is an example of a project made possible by fee title land ownership.

Fee title ownership is not ideal for all lands.  For example, some properties have important habitat crossing through a portion of the property, while the remaining portion is used for residential or agricultural purposes. Our preference is to preserve these types of land through a conservation or agricultural easement.
However, for many types of land, including land preserved for wildlife habitat and/or scenic values, fee title ownership is a very valuable preservation tool.

SELC accepts donations of land in fee title. If the land has extremely high conservation values, SELC keeps the land in trust through fee title ownership. If the land does not have extremely high conservation values, SELC may decide to place a deed restriction or conservation easement on the land prior to selling the land, thus ensuring its protection while minimizing our land management responsibilities and generating income to preserve other lands.

To learn more about how lands are acquired in fee title, contact Executive Director Doug Gibson at (760) 436-3944 or doug [at] sanelijo [dot] org.