George & Betty HARBAUGH

HARBAUGH Seaside Trails is named in honor of The Harbaugh Foundation.

The Harbaugh Foundation was founded by George Harbaugh after the passing of his wife Betty. George wanted to ensure that the family estate would be invested to better the lives of others. While alive, the Harbaughs supported numerous charities and causes, including local libraries, the San Diego Humane Society, and Balboa Park.

George donated musical equipment and funded young musicians to attend jazz school. Betty Harbaugh was a 34-year member and past president of the Point Loma Thursday Club. Today the Harbaugh Foundation continues its philanthropic mission, here in Solana Beach, with Harbaugh Seaside Trails.

Heading the foundation is a former Solana Beach resident, Joe Balla. Balla works in real estate planning and asset management, is the Harbaugh Foundation director, and was a longtime friend of the Harbaughs.

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