Your membership supports the well-being of all of us who enjoy solace, natural inspiration and a great workout on the trails.

True, the lagoon is a protected ecological reserve. But our mission— as a Southern California coastal nonprofit land trust—is all about connecting you and making nature better.


“The Conservancy just keeps growing in their service to our county and to visitors. A great example of a group working together to preserve a precious lagoon and its inhabitants and us. Go visit!”
—Patricia A., Facebook

We are leading the charge for inspiring a movement with real action in the lives of socioeconomically challenged youth in grades 3-12. When children connect with our natural world it benefits them personally, and in our communities with healthy life-long habits for a vibrant world. More than 2,000 students, and their families and teachers joined on field trips and in weekend watershed projects for cleaner lands and waters.

“Since I heard what straws do in the reserve I stopped using them. Because plastics harm sea animals, wild animals, street animals, and even our pets.” —Daisy L., 5th-grade Central Elementary

Your support is the reason that sensitive species, including the endangered Belding's Savannah Sparrow and rare coastal dune plants have a secure home in San Elijo Lagoon. Because of your support, we are enhancing the serenity of unspoiled nature for all generations.




“I feel like I’m doing a little bit. If I do a little bit more each year and everybody does a little bit more each year, we’ll keep areas like this preserved.” —Trevor H., High School Dune Building Volunteer

You are the future and we invite your continued involvement. Your passion, commitment and support to our mission and vision prevail. See you on the trails!



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