3rd Annual #LoveYourLagoon PHOTO CONTEST



Snowy Egret Fishing, By Bob Serling 

About the FIRST PLACE Image:

“I’m always in awe of how resourceful birds are at feeding. Catching a fast moving fish is difficult in itself, but to catch such a huge fish and get it into position to eat it is an incredible challenge. It was very inspiring to watch this Snowy manage the entire procedure. I love that the lagoon is a patch of unspoiled nature right off a major freeway! Early mornings when the sun is rising and the birds are beginning to feed is such a great way to start your day." 
Bob Serling, First Place 2018 Photo Contest

Our judges selected this image as it expresses how Bob Serling loves his lagoon. It’s showing San Elijo Lagoon's natural landscapes (wetland), animals in action (Snowy Egret fishing), and personal interactions (patience and inspiration).



Great Egrets at Sunrise, by Nicolett Overby 

About the PEOPLE'S CHOICE Image:

"It was a beautiful, peaceful morning at the lagoon when I took this photo. I hope it encourages everyone to find 
solace in their local natural wonders, and help conserve these places for the future!"
— Nicollet Overby | People's Choice Award 2018 Photo Contest

Thank you to all who joined in the conversation and voting for selecting a winning image. The People's Choice Award means that Great Egrets at Sunrise received the most "Likes" in our Facebook Gallery.

2018 #loveyourlagoon PHOTO CONTEST Submissions Now Closed

This contest connects you, and your passion for clean land, and water. Donations from the photo contest entries go to our VISION-INSPIRED work toward a world where biodiversity is preserved and people act to conserve nature and embrace it as central to a healthy community.

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