2nd Annual #LoveYourLagoon PHOTO CONTEST

HOW DO YOU #LoveYourLagoon?

From January through March 2017, participating adult and youth photographers captured and submitted those vibrant moments that express San Elijo Lagoon's natural landscapes, plants, animals, and their personal interactions. 

FIRST PLACE Adult Division:

Great Egret, by DEAN HARRIS

"My egret photo was taken just before sunset at one of my favorite trailside benches. While it’s always enjoyable to hike on the trails, sometimes I can more fully appreciate the beauty of the lagoon environment by just sitting down and letting nature put on a show for me. I especially enjoy watching the winter bird migration unfold every year." —Dean Harris 

FIRST PLACE Youth Division:

Lizard on Fence Post, by TYLER GRACIANO

"The lizard was sitting still so I just wanted to take the picture, and the flowers just happened to be around the lizard. I like how it is really pretty and the wildlife at the lagoon is very interesting. The flowers are pretty and the water is clear."—Tyler Graciano, 5th Grade 


Red-tailed Hawk, by MARC FRIEDMANN

"This Red-tailed hawk had been around for a few days. That ever-vigilant eye makes you feel like you're being sized up as a potential meal. Living by the Rios trailhead for nearly 30 years I've hiked every mile of every trail dozens of times. San Elijo Lagoon is constantly changing. Birds and other wildlife are always present. After years of brown drought, this spring has been the most green and flower-filled ever!"
—Marc Friedmann, People's Choice Award and Legacy Circle Member



The 3rd Annual #loveyourlagoon PHOTO CONTEST returns January 02, 2018.

Background on 2017 Photo Contest

This contest connects you, and your passion for clean air, land, and water. Donations from the photo contest entries go to our mission-inspired work as we celebrate our 30TH ANNIVERSARY this year. 


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