Environmental Documents for Restoration

Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) & Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)  

February 26, 2016

  • Appendices G-N
    G: Jurisdictional Wetland Delineation
    H: Marine Biological Resources Technical Report
    I: Cultural Resources Technical Report
    J: Traffic Impact Analysis
    K: Air Quality and GHG Emissions Calculations
    L: Noise Technical Appendix
    M: Geotechnical Data Report
    N: Surfing Study    
  • Appendices O-R
    O: Draft 404(b)(1) Alternatives Analysis
    P: Public Comment Letters and Responses
    Q:Conceptual Restoration Plan
    R: Consideration of New Information Under CEQA Section 15088.5

CEQA, California Environmental Quality Act, and NEPA, National Environmental Protection Act, are state and federal regulations that help ensure that large projects have negligible environmental damage, or that that damage is mitigated. Although CEQA and NEPA are separate acts, their requirements are similar and the two processes often proceed together. Our final environmental document is a joint document for both.

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