Sage Environmental Leadership Program




“It is natural to protect what we love. To fall in love with nature, 
we need the personal connection of our senses—we need to be physically involved.” 

—Ann Dunne, Founder of Sage Environmental Internship Program

How does a college student, or recent graduate, build a resume? Internships are invaluable. At San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy, we work closely with interns to develop enriching field experiences and career-building opportunities. 

Interns can develop expertise in several conservation fields including: Conservation Education, Land Management, Community Habitat Restoration, Trail Monitoring, and Water Quality.

Interns are mentored by conservancy professionals in the fields of science and environmental education. For more than 20 years, the conservancy has supported interns who have moved on to completing higher degrees or secured a career position in the fields of life science and environmental education.  

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Isaac Vallejo
2019 Integrated Internship: Habitat Restoration | Water Quality | Land Stewardship

Isaac Vallejo is a Master’s student of Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Ecology at California State University San Marcos. He’s on the ground with Conservancy mentors who are leading Isaac in best practices in conducting community habitat restoration. He will next switch focus to conducting water quality and land stewardship. As Isaac grows in his experiences, he reflects on how it shapes his Master’s thesis about the Brazilian tropical savanna, part of which is in the Pantanal, the largest naturally occurring wetland in the world. 



Domenique Buchanan
2019 Conservation Education

Domenique Buchanan graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Social Science with an Environmental Emphasis. While teaching English in Inner Mongolia, China, she set up a school recycling program, which combined her love of teaching with her passion for the environment. Domenique taught her students the benefits of recycling and how to conserve food, energy and water.


Gianni Denson
2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 Trail Monitoring
Gianni Denson attends San Dieguito Academy and is a third-generation Californian. Giannni looks forward to experience hands-on lagoon water quality and fish monitoring, and to be of service for years to come. He is a passionate surfer, diver and fisherman, closely connecting him to the ocean and watershed. He is forming his goals in a science career, and is excited to learn more as he helps care for his beloved wetland. 




Koby Nguyen
2019 Water Quality

Koby Nguyen is a Bay Area native in his third year at University of California San Diego, where he is studying Environmental Systems/Ecology, Behavior & Evolution. Prior to this internship, he gained field work experience interning at NOAA Fisheries in Santa Cruz. Koby enjoys working in the field and is grateful for the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience through the water quality internship program.