Rincon Middle School students take action to protect their watershed!


Use the Conservation Project Guide  for ideas and resources to help plan and implement your student projects.

Students brainstorm conservation project ideas and solutions to environmental problems in the community.


I pledge to protect my Escondido Watershed by always:

  • Picking up trash
  • Conserving water when I do dishes
  • Picking up after my pet 

School field trips offer nature exploration throughout San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve. In this outdoor classroom, students connect with the scents, sights, and surprises in nature, and learn about conservation of natural resources - water - and ways to recycle, reduce, reuse, and refuse for a more sustainable future.

Students and teachers share insights and conservation pledges with their home and school communities. The field trip continues as students become more aware of their connection to the natural world and participate in ways to conserve. How can you help?

  • Organize a classroom field trip focused on a beach cleanup or cement creek (culvert) cleanup
  • Inventory your school's recycling program
  • Create ocean trash art murals by using materials found on the beach
  • We have more ideas and photos of projects. Contact us.

Rincon Middle School students showcase their conservation action projects:

Felicita Elementary 4th-grader with her Lagoon Model:



I pledge to protect my Escondido Watershed by always:

  • Picking up trash
  • Conserving water when I do dishes
  • Picking up after my pet

Quotes excerpted from field trip experiences

“Going on that trip to the San Elijo Lagoon has inspired me to try and take a stand about people throwing trash on the ground instead of putting them in recycle bins or trash cans. Experiencing nature up close let us discover the wonderful things around us that we lazily get from television. Thanks for being my inspiration!”—Feeling adventurous, Jade

“Thank you for teaching us…I learned that we need to take care of plants and animals. I’m going to teach my little brother because I want him to get ready for the things I’m doing and I’m going to help the people that are in my grade because sometimes they still don’t understand. I can teach the grownups that didn’t go to school and the ones that didn’t remember. Then when I go to college I can be ready to pass my test and to teach others to recycle and to not litter.”—Sincerely, Joshua

“I am going to try to use less water because that is the thing we survive with. My favorite bird was the red tailed hawk. One of my favorite activities was the rainmaker. I would like to go one day to San Elijo Lagoon with my family. I really loved our field trip.”—Love, Brianna

“Thank you for inviting us to see plants. It was very exciting. I never liked hiking until now. I learned so much. We saw crabs, plants, birds, and snails. It was the best field trip I’ve ever been on. It was my first time at the San Elijo Lagoon…”—your friend, Eddie

We'd like to hear from your class! Please share post-field trip essays, artwork, or other inspired storytelling with us and inspire other students with your work.

Elayna Flanders, Education Coordinator
San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy
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